The top 7 positions for first time casual sex

It can be intimidating to try something new in bed, particularly when you are on a casual sex date or engaging with a fuck buddy for the very first time. But let’s be honest, trying something for the first time can be thrilling for both of you and your partner may surprise you – so check out these top casual sex positions to try on your next hook-up!


The Cowgirl position is when the woman sits astride the man – just like a cowgirl riding a horse. It puts the woman in complete control, and she can mix up her moves between grinding and thrusting to her liking – as well as using her own fingers to stimulate her clitoris. In a casual sex scenario, it’s important for the woman to feel in control, so the cowgirl is a fantastic starting point that gives thrills to both parties. Try spicing things up by using a finger vibrator for extra clitoral stimulation.


The doggy position is a classic casual sex position. Many people – men and women – love it because there is something genuinely animalistic about it, and the penetration can be deeper than what you get from a basic missionary position. Get into the doggy position by having the woman kneel on all fours, with the partner entering her from behind. It’s possible to add some excitement by bringing some finger game to the table – his or hers – for extra clitoral or anal stimulation.

Reverse Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl is exactly what it says on the tin, and looks exactly the same as a woman riding a horse – but backward. It’s a little like a cross between doggy style and the classic ‘woman on top.’ Being on top is a surefire way to get a girl off, but the reverse cowgirl adds that extra little spice, puts you in complete control of penetration, and can hit those spots that other positions cannot! Many women report intense orgasms with the reverse cowgirl – so give it a try on your next casual sex date!

Bent Over

The bent over position is similar to doggy style, of course, with one major difference. Men assume a standing position, while the woman bends over in front of him, placing their elbows and arms on a surface for support. For the man, the bend over position allows his penis to get really deep with each thrust, which in turn leads to more pleasure for the woman. Spice it up a little by adding some light spanking (as long as your partner is into it).

Standing Up

For many couples enjoying a casual sex encounter, the standing up position is their go-to method of choice. It’s easy to see why – after all when you meet someone and can’t wait to rip their clothes off, why wait until you find a bed? There are actually a lot of standing up positions, and each of them offers something a little different. For the athletic types, why not try the ‘Jack and Rose?’ It’s like doggy but with the woman holding herself up by wrapping her feet and arms around the man.

X Marks the Spot

The X Marks the Spot casual sex position involves the woman lying on a surface on her back. She brings her knees up to her chest and crosses her legs at the ankles, and the man – who is kneeling in front of her – pulls her hips into his lap and penetrates. This position gives extra-snug thrusts and while difficult, offers a lot more friction and stimulation than standard missionary.

Coital Alignment Technique

Finally, why not give the Coital Alignment Technique a try on your next casual sex encounter? The first step is to assume the missionary position, but then the man should move upward, so the pubic bone can stimulate the woman’s clit. Every time he thrusts, this causes stimulation, and it also has the added bonus of entering the vagina at a better angle, meaning a higher chance of reaching the woman’s G-spot!


There are plenty more positions enjoyed by people having casual sex, of course – check the Karma Sutra for everything you need to know (there are even free apps available to teach you everything). But if you are just trying your hand at sex dating for the very first time, these seven positions should be on your list. Sure, they can sound a little complicated, but once you get started, we promise it will all come naturally. Not only will they help you pleasure your casual sex partner, but you will get a lot out of them yourself. What are you waiting for?

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